Girls retreat trips in the city of Coachella 

Models & Influencers : Gabby Epstein / Madi Louch/ Bree Kleintop / Hannah Stocking / Carmella Rose / Griffin Arnrold / Anna Herrin / Fiona Baron / Jessica / Lacie Claire / Stephanie Rayner / Charly Jordan / Becca Tilley and more...

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Brand: Luli Fama

Model: Fiona Barron

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Brand: Pretty Little Thing

Model: France


Zenyara is our favorite and ultimate zen retreat. This incredibly stunning oasis is located in Coachella, just a short drive to the famous Coachella Valley Music. Its the perfect destination to spend some quality time with our girls and just take time off, relax, do fun activities like horse back riding, paintballing, jetskiing, helicopter rides, visiting the petting zoo, golfing, tennis, soccer, making s'mores at night by the fire pit or hanging by the pool and catching up. Zenyara is one of the hottests and most exclusive getaway where A listers love to escape to.



During the our weekend retreats we also give our clients to opportunity to do gifting or content creation. On our most recent trip we had two amazing brands involved. Pretty Little Thing and Luli Fama Swimwear.

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Model: Carmella Rose

Brand: Luli Fama

Brand: Luli Fama

Model: Carmella Rose


Model: Madi Louch

Model: Gabby Epstein

Model: Carmella Rose

Model: Anna Herrin

ft the chicken bra

Model: Steph Rayner

Brand: Luli Fama


Model: Steph Rayner, Bree Kleintop, Anna Herrin, France Duque, Fiona Barron

Brands: Luli Fama & PLT

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Model: Jessica S

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