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Los Angeles, CA

Light & Airy 



We have put together 7 of our favorite presets we like to use for shoots at beautiful and airy outdoor location. 

About This Preset


We highly recommend shooting RAW, but understand that it is not always possible to shoot RAW photos. So, for each preset you may need to  tweek each preset to achieve the exact look you want. These presets are only usable in Adobe Lightroom desktop version (Windows / OSX).

Since not all photos are the same in terms of lighting, exposure, color, contrast, etc., please keep in mind some presets may require additional tweaks after application. Knowing this, we have also included two tutorial videos. One tutorial gives you a general overview of downloading and installing the presets, while the other specifically works on this collection with a sample image.

Presets will be automatically sent via email as a digital download immediately after payment is received.