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There is this new thing we just found out about, its called blogging and apparently you can do it on this interweb I've been hearing all about. I'm not too sure how often we will actually be able to blog, but the goal is to have France do a post once a week and for me to do a post once a week (fingers crossed). We are planning on sharing our thoughts on shooting photo and video, camera equipment, daily life (#bloggers), post work, social media, and whatever else you all want (leave comments below).

The Savage (aka France Duque)

This is France. France is half Belgian, half savage, and never wears clothes. She is currently based in LA and shoots the majority of our LA based clients. She is also a post production wizard in Lightroom and Photoshop, so she does all of our photo retouching for everything we shoot. She also happens to have grown up in the Bahamas, which is why we are always there and our connection with the family business - Staniel Rents. Fun fact, she also loves animals and everything about the ocean.

The Geebs (aka Jesse Rambis)

This is me. The Geebs. This is actually a photo France took of me on one of our first dates 7 years ago - crazy. I'm half Moroccan, half surfer, and half cast away (the math adds up, trust me). I shoot photo and video for almost all our destination campaigns as well as the post production on the majority of our videos. I'm currently based on a very small island in the middle of the Exumas, where I take care of our two villas. It's definitely interesting and something that would make for some fun vlog content (#vlogger?).

Together we and our team are Gremly Media (in case you were wondering why that random name pops up in places). So be sure to subscribe, smash that like button and whatever else the kids say these days to follow us along on our photo and video journeys. Adios!



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