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The Light and Airy



We have put together 10 of our light and airy inspired presets to give your photos a unique and distinguished look. Please see below for examples of each preset.

About This Preset:


This is our go to preset when we are shooting a lot of backlit, and dreamy style photos. These are great for a Boho/Festival type of style. To get the most out of this preset, we highly recommend shooting RAW, but even if you don't shoot RAW, these presets will still work excellent with JPEG images as well. These presets work in Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom CC desktop version (Windows / OSX), and Lightroom Mobile.

Since not all photos are the same in terms of lighting, exposure, color, contrast, etc., please keep in mind some presets may require additional tweaks after application.

Presets will be automatically sent via email as a digital download immediately after payment is received.

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